WVU Football: Gold Blue & Orange


This will never ever get old!!!!

It’s Senior Day in Morgantown!

I wanted to send a little shout out to the five (5) West Virginia University Senior Basketball players before their final game on Senior Day at the Coliseum in Morgantown today.

Those five players are: John Flowers, Joe Mazzulla, Casey Mitchell, Cam Thoroughman and Jonnie West.

I have really enjoyed watching these young men give blood, sweat and tears for WVU and its fans over their years here.

I wish nothing but the best to these five fine gentlemen and hope they prosper in everything they shoot for in the future.  Seeing their hardwork, perseverance and determination, I feel there will be nothing they can’t attain in life.

Good luck and kick some ass against Pitino’s Louisville Cardinals today.  After all, we are undefeated in March for the past two years.  Let’s keep the streak alive.

Go Mountaineers!

A tweet from the Almighty Jay Bilas…

“Don’t forget Bob Huggins for Big East Coach of the Year. He has won quality games without a team that can score. But, they really guard.”

I knew I like the man!  You go Jay!